Climate Change’s Greatest Threat to Civilization?

The question is which climate change, global warming or global cooling?

Dr. Jeff Masters writing at Weather Underground.

Food System Shock: Climate Change’s Greatest Threat to Civilization, argued that the greatest threat of climate change to civilization over the next 40 years is likely to be climate change-amplified extreme droughts and floods hitting multiple major global grain-producing “breadbaskets” simultaneously. I predicted that an extreme weather year capable of causing a significant disruption of the global economy, intense political turmoil, war and the threat of mass famine was increasing in probability, becoming a 1-in-50-year event 40 years from now–a 2% chance of happening in a given year–due to the increasingly extreme nature of the jet stream, when combined with the ongoing increase in global temperatures, drought intensity, and heavy precipitation events. With one major grain producing area already suffering a significant loss in crop yield so far in 2018, we ordinarily would need to be concerned about the possibility of an extreme drought in the U.S. or Europe this summer causing a major “food shock” event. However, consecutive years of good harvests leading up to 2018 have left us in good shape to withstand any potential further hits to the global food supply that might occur this year.

Global cooling reduces the amount of evaporation over the oceans which reduces the moisture in the air limiting the amount of rain and snow that feds the river and lakes, thus producing drought conditions. Combine this drought with shortened growing seasons due to the significant cold, and we could have a substantial loss in food production in both hemispheres. While the focus is on warming, cooling contains an equally dangerous potential for a mass famine. Both cases need to be recognized and planned for by government agencies. Right now the focus is on warming, while the potential for cooling is looming as sunspots vanish for an extended period.

One thought on “Climate Change’s Greatest Threat to Civilization?

  1. canuck57 April 2, 2018 / 11:44 am

    This is the part of climate change that scares me the most…and virtually all of it is being ignored by mainstream media, and by the very environmental groups who claim to be so keen on environmental issues. When the planet cools, as it has done in the past, it will happen very quickly, and will probably catch most in the world completely off-guard. As the old adage states, “those who are ignorant of history are doomed to repeat it”. However, the obverse is also somewhat true…”those who understand history are too few in numbers to do anything more than they have been doing, and are doomed to sit in total frustration as the world repeats the same mistakes” :-).

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