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Researcher Predicts Cooler Climate in Northern Hemisphere From 2015

A Japanese scientist who analyzed ocean temperatures stretching back more than five decades has predicted that the climate in the Northern Hemisphere may enter a cooling period around 2015. Mototaka Nakamura, a senior scientist at the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth … Continue reading

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Did That Canary Just Flutter Its Wings?

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The year you’re living in, 2013, may be the year that it happened. What is it? It is the onset of global cooling. How dare I make such a mental leap? How dare…

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More Unusual Snow Buries Animals

Ice Age Now has these posts: At least 33,000 sheep and cattle stranded in deep snow “A massive rescue operation is under way in Otago’s high country (New Zealand), About 6000 livestock and 25 shepherds stuck in heavy snowfall at … Continue reading

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Two years to a 1740-type event?

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Guest essay by David Archibald Wiggle-matching has been used by the best. Hubert Lamb, considered to be the most meticulous climatologist of all time, used wiggle-matching in this wind data graph he published…

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Short Growing Season in Minnesota (Updated Jun 14th 2013)

Nearly 3 million acres of Minnesota cropland haven’t been planted this spring, and on many of those acres, it’s now too late. Weeks of cold, wet, gray weather have kept tractors out of the fields, tormented farmers and nudged grain … Continue reading

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Courtesy of John Christy, a comparison between 73 CMIP5 models (archived at the KNMI Climate Explorer website) and observations for the tropical bulk tropospheric temperature (aka “MT”) since 1979. Now, in what universe do the above results not represent … Continue reading

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Multiple, Intense, Abrupt Late Pleistocene Warming And Cooling: Implications For Understanding The Cause Of Global Climate Change

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Guest essay by Dr. Don J. Easterbrook Dept. of Geology, Western Washington University, Bellingham, WA The results of oxygen isotope measurements from ice cores in the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets several decades…

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