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Explosive Volcanism Triggered the Little Ice Age

Headline at Ice Age Now blog: Volcanism alone can explain the Little Ice Age (LIA), researchers insist. Low sunspot activity is not the culprit. Precisely dated records of ice-cap growth from Arctic Canada and Iceland show that “Little Ice Age … Continue reading

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Solar minimums may be final piece of puzzle in fall of Western Civilisation

Sam Khoury writing in the Nation [ooo] By the 1st century BC, Rome was the most advanced and powerful civilisation on Earth and Romans’ material wealth was skyrocketing. Men and women are increasingly less interested in marriage and no-fault divorce … Continue reading

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New Study By German Physicists Concludes We Can Expect Climate Cooling For Next 50 Years!

By P Gosselin at the No Tricks Zone German physicists: “CO2 plays only minor role for global climate” In a just published study in The Open Atmospheric Science Journal here, German scientists Horst-Joachim Lüdecke and Carl-Otto Weiss have used a … Continue reading

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Grand Minimum Super Earthquakes

Upheaval!: Why Catastrophic Earthquakes Will Soon Strike the United States by Mr. John L. Casey, Dr. Dong Choi, Dr.Fumio Tsunoda and Dr. Ole HumlumPublished January 2017. It is hard to write a book about the future, as it can be … Continue reading

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Is Our Sun Slowing Down in Its Middle Age?

By: Monica Bobra writing in Sky and Telescope The Sun, now halfway through its life, might be slowing its magnetic activity, researchers say, which could lead to permanent changes in the sunspots and auroras we see. We all slow down … Continue reading

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Monster Solar Minimum Approaching

  Guest essay by David Archibald at Watts Up With That This recent post was on the fact that the Sun’s EUV emissions had fallen to solar minimum-like levels well ahead of solar minimum. The implication was that the Solar … Continue reading

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Sunspots and Volcanos?[Updated]

Anthony Mengotto in a comment brought up and interesting point, the sun is growing quiet, while volcanism is increasing. I have always wondered it there was a connection. Does vulcanism fluctuate with the increase and decrease of sunspots? The Smithsonian/USGS … Continue reading

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