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Sun Diverging From Normal?

I am not sure that we know what normal is on the sun, but it is not behaving as we have seen in the near term, last 200 years. Typically, around the end of each 11-year sunspot cycle, the sun’s … Continue reading

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Dalton Rather Than Maunder Minimum?

In a recent publication in Space Science Reviews (2013), renowned solar scientists Ken McCracken, Juerg Beer, Friedhelm Steinhilber and Jose Abreu studied the solar minimums over the last 9300 years. Based on measurements of beryllium and carbon isotopes as indicators for … Continue reading

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Are Late Freezes in Southern Hemisphere Indicators of Things to Come

Argentina : Frost affects stonefruit in Mendoza Mendoza has 55,000 hectares planted with fruit, 22% of the province’s productive area. Of these, 39,400 hectares are stonefruit crops, which were severely damaged by the frosts in last September. The October 2013 … Continue reading

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