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Study of Old Climate Records Shows That Baghdad Was Quite Chilly a Millennium Ago

Re-blogged from Popular Science    Article written by Rebecca Boyle An unexpected cold wave in July 920 sent the people of Baghdad back under their blankets, forcing them to leave their summertime roof beds and go back inside, according to a … Continue reading

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On the Cusp of the Next Grand Minimum?

Russ Steele Last week at a fund raising dinner I sat next to the owner of a local vineyard who explained why a shortage exists in one of his signature wines. It was due to two cold springs in a … Continue reading

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Did exploding stars help life on Earth to thrive?

Russ Steele Today the Royal Astronomical Society in London publishes Henrik Svensmark’s latest paper entitled “Evidence of nearby supernovae affecting life on Earth”. After years of effort Svensmark shows how the variable frequency of stellar explosions not far from our … Continue reading

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Sun may soon have four poles, say researchers

Russ Steele This is very interesting and I will be looking for other scientist to report their analysis of this findings. First time I ever hear of a four pole sun, though it could have happend before, but scientists lacked … Continue reading

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Robust Agriculture Sector Will Be Key to Survival During Next Grand Minimum

Russ Steele As a conservative I have taken a very negative view of subsides for green energy, renewable energy, especially ethanol which consumes food for fuel.  I recently participated in a discussion of agriculture subsides and came to the realization … Continue reading

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New Physics Today Article “The Triggering And Persistence Of The Little Ice Age” (Update)

This is a re-post from Climate Science: Roger Pielke Sr. Blog Dr Pielke writes: Every once in a while a nugget of new research insight appears that adds to our understanding of the climate system, and its complexity. One article … Continue reading

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Little Ice Age Was The Coldest Period For 10000 Years

Russ Steele Paul Homewood, had an interesting post at: Little Ice Age Was The Coldest Period For 10000 Years We regularly hear claims of “record breaking” and “unprecedented” temperatures in Arctic regions. However, as the records usually only go back to … Continue reading

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