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An Interesting Coincidence? (Updated 11-08-12)

Russ Steele While we are watching the damage in New York City,  one has to wonder if it has happened before? There was a 13.88 storm tide from the current hurricane. In the Great Hurricane of 1821 it was a … Continue reading

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Winter is Arriving Early Around the World

Russ Steele Robert at Ice Age Now has been tracking weather event around the globe, with reports by his readers.  Here are some of his headlines: Early snow in Albania France – ‘Winter before it should be’ Cold snap to … Continue reading

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Something is Happening On the Sun

Russ Steele Leif Svalgaard a well known solar scientist is giving a presentation in Oslo on Monday titled Solar Activity Past Present and Future. The whole presentation is rather detailed and at times complex, but I found slide 34 very … Continue reading

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On the Cusp: Is this what global cooling looks like? (Updated)

Remember it is only weather for now. The question is this an indicator for the rest of the winter? Here is an update:

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The Growing Season Comes to an End

Russ Steele Joe Bastardi tweets: Core of cold deep into the central plains ending growing season into areas where normal lows still in 50s. And the cold slips down the east side of the Rocky Mountains. Missoula, which tied the … Continue reading

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Iceland Research — 8,000 Years Of Natural, Extreme Global Cooling & Warming

Russ Steele Research out of Hvítárvatn, Iceland confirms that over the past 8,000 years, there have been five extreme, natural climate phases: the Roman warming, the Dark Ages cooling, the Medieval warming, the Little Ice Age and the current warming. … Continue reading

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