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More Snow Than Usual Come April 1st

Russ Steele Ice ages get started when the winter snow survives the summer warmth, and more snow piles on the next winter. The Northern Hemisphere has more snow that usual this spring, and that may delay planting while the snow … Continue reading

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New paper finds the Sun controlled climate change of Asian continent over past 12,000 years

HIGHLIGHTS • A complete Holocene sequence of loess and buried soils has been studied in Siberia • Climatic cycles of 1000 and 500 years are revealed using petromagnetic parameters • Such periods correspond to variations in solar insolation and sun … Continue reading

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Little Ice Age Triggered Social And Political Crisis | The Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF)

LITTLE ICE AGE TRIGGERED SOCIAL AND POLITICAL CRISIS Date: 24/03/13Dominic Sandbrook , The Sunday Times “God Almighty has a quarrel lately with all Mankind,” lamented the Welsh historian James Howell in 1647, “for within these 12 years there have been … Continue reading

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Originally posted on sunshine hours:
Yes Canada’s Arctic has warmed. I blogged about it most recently here. Many stations have a big spike around 2010. What has happened since then? I looked at Nunavut stations with Normals (anomalies) calculated by…

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Originally posted on Real Science:
Climate experts tell us that global warming is making spring arrive much earlier than it used to. 10-Day Temperature Outlook for the Conterminous U.S.

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The new Mini Ice Age is upon us!

“MIA fingerprint now overwhelming” – astrophysicist [Piers Corbyn] “March 10th 1947** was the day of the thaw ending the late snowy cold winter of 1947 in Britain & Europe and there was a giant sunspot group at the centre of the solar disc. … Continue reading

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C3: Latest Research: EU & Russian Scientists Confirm Medieval Period Warmer Than Modern Global Warming

Latest Research: EU & Russian Scientists Confirm Medieval Period Warmer Than Modern Global Warming The UN’s IPCC claims that modern global warming is “unprecedented” continues to be robustly discredited by the newest scientific research – another peer reviewed study confirms … Continue reading

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