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Smallest Sunspot Cycle in 80 Years, and ENSO is Headed South

Russ Steele NASA’s David Hatherway has published his latest Sunspot Number Prediction: The current prediction for Sunspot Cycle 24 gives a smoothed sunspot number maximum of about 99 in February of 2013. We are currently about three years into Cycle … Continue reading

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Fuel Prices with Regression Lines Starting in 2012.

I have updated the fuel prices, shortened the data to 1 June 2010 and added a regression line to see the over all trends. Note the jump in gas prices in Sept 2012 that never went a way. I have … Continue reading

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Do Not Doubt that Mother Nature Controls our Climate

Russ Steele Robert Felix has a very interesting post at IceAgeNow. Methane fountains more than one-half-mile across erupt from Arctic Ocean While surveying off the coast of eastern Siberia, a Russian research vessel made a terrifying discovery – hundreds, probably … Continue reading

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The November AMO index goes negative, first time since 1996

Russ Steele At Watts Up With That,  Anthony Watts has a report from Joe D’Aleo who reports via email that the Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation AMO Index has gone negative for this past month, see the graph below: Source: This is the … Continue reading

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More Evidence (Again) It’s The Sun

Russ Steele The evidence that the sun is the major driver in climate change keeps growing. Here is an article by P Gosselin, at The NoTricks Blog. Roman climate driver. A reader brings our attention to a paper published by the … Continue reading

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“Amplitudes, Rates, Periodicities And Causes Of Temperature Variations In The Past 2485 Years And Future Trends Over The Central-Eastern Tibetan Plateau”

Russ Steele This is from a paper published in a China Science Bulletin: Abstract with my highlights: Amplitudes, rates, periodicities, causes and future trends of temperature variations based on tree rings for the past 2485 years on the central-eastern Tibetan Plateau … Continue reading

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Fuel Prices Updated

Check out the fuel nav button. I now have one year of fuel price gyrations. The  Charts are getting cluttered and I am going try to convert to a monthly chart of for the archives and start a new chart … Continue reading

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