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The science is getting settled, but no celebration yet.

Russ Steele Lawrence Solomon writing and the Financial Post has some insight into how Dr Kirkby has been co-opted into cooperating with those who cannot accept the idea that global warming is a natural process aided by interstellar cosmic rays.  … Continue reading

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Which produces the most conflict, a warm world or a cold world?

Russ Steele I have written about Dr Wheeler’s Drought clock research who found that cold periods resulted in the most civil conflict, more details here.  Now Dr. Bruno Tertrais takes a look at The Climate Wars Myth, which is being promoted … Continue reading

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Researchers identify 26 past scares analogous to the global warming alarm.

Russ Steele Kesten C. Green and Tom Harris are writing about their research into past scientific scares at Pajamas Media: Past Alarmism and the Future of Manmade Global Warming. Green is a forecasting expert at the University of South Australia … Continue reading

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Nails in California’s economic coffin — ignoring reality.

Russ Steele Joel Kotkin takes a look at Rick Perry’s influence on Texas’ economic success in an article that first appeared in Forbes. Link to the full article is here. The part of Kotkin’s article that I found most interesting … Continue reading

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Fuel Price Page Updated

Russ Steele I have updated the Fuel Page.  For the past seven weeks diesel prices in Nevada County have been stable while prices in the US and California have been declining. Why?  Your thoughts?

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When the cost of milk and bread goes up – Call CARB

Russ Steele Every thing that we buy in the foothills is brought in by truck. The cost of that transportation is included in the cost of the products on our store shelves. Transportation companies do every thing they can to … Continue reading

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Oh My God! — Climate change is going to fry California’s Seniors

Russ Steele According to a study funded by CARB, California can expect more frequent and more dangerous heat waves in the coming decades, the result of global warming and the state’s aging population.  I am a member of this aging population … Continue reading

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