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Cold Puts Spring Planting On Hold in Canada

IceAge Now Has this story and some data on the broken records: Residents are calling it ‘Springter,’ a mix of spring weather and stubborn winter conditions in what seems to be like a never ending winter. On Monday, temperatures in … Continue reading

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US Unprepared for Global Cooling

Press Release: Massive Erupting Sunspot May Foreshadow Cycle of Solar Hibernation but North America is Unprepared for Resulting Global Cooling Say Friends of Science Swept away by global warming climate change hysteria, governments are not ready for crop failures and … Continue reading

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One Upping “The World’s Scariest Divergence”

Russ Steele ZeroHedge has some scary charts showing the demand for food is rising inexorably (as is the demand for fuel) but at the same time supply is falling rapidly as the availability of arable land per capita plunges. The … Continue reading

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Peak Oil, Climate Change and the threat to food security | Watts Up With That?

[Editor Note:  This is a long and important post by David Archibald at WUWT.  I will be posting some of the graphics under the Wheat Tab above next week with my comments.] WUWT Guest post by David Archibald In May, WUWT … Continue reading

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Nails in California’s economic coffin — ignoring reality.

Russ Steele Joel Kotkin takes a look at Rick Perry’s influence on Texas’ economic success in an article that first appeared in Forbes. Link to the full article is here. The part of Kotkin’s article that I found most interesting … Continue reading

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Fuel Price Page Updated

Russ Steele I have updated the Fuel Page.  For the past seven weeks diesel prices in Nevada County have been stable while prices in the US and California have been declining. Why?  Your thoughts?

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CARB — Naked and alone in the Carbon Market

Russ Steele The California Air Resources Board voted Monday the 22nd of August to proceed with it’s cap and trade program in California. The global carbon market has collapsed and they will be in the market alone in a naked … Continue reading

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