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Real risk of a Maunder minimum ‘Little Ice Age’ says leading scientist

The BBC has the story: It’s known by climatologists as the ‘Little Ice Age’, a period in the 1600s when harsh winters across the UK and Europe were often severe. The severe cold went hand in hand with an exceptionally … Continue reading

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Long Term Cooling When AMO and PDO Go Negative?

The PDO has now turned cold, and, with the AMO still in its warm phase, temperatures are flatlining. By the mid 2020’s we are likely to see both great ocean patterns stuck together in their cold phases well into the 2030’s. … Continue reading

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HADCRUT4 Northern Hemisphere Winter Doom

Sunshine Hours has some interesting facts on winter time temperatures: Do you live in the Northern Hemisphere.? Did anyone tell you that in the midst of record CO2 levels HADCRUT4 shows massively dropping winter temperatures? At the bottom of this … Continue reading

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Since Dalton-Minimum 190 years ago, never has the sun been so inactive.

Currently solar activity is especially low. Solar sunspot number (SSN) in September was at 36.9, and thus was just 36% of the usual mean value 58 months into the cycle. The sun continues to remain in an unusually weak cycle 24, … Continue reading

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CERN’s CLOUD experiment shines new light on climate change

CERN Press Release: Geneva, 6 October 2013. In a paper published today in the journal Nature, the CLOUD experiment at CERN1 reports a major advance towards solving a long-standing enigma in climate science: how do aerosols – tiny solid or … Continue reading

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New paper finds another amplification mechanism by which the Sun controls climate

A paper published today in Quaternary Science Reviews reconstructs climate of the central Alps over the past 10,000 years and finds precipitation and floods were driven by changes in solar activity. The authors propose variations in solar activity and insolation … Continue reading

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Swiss scientists now say that the Little Ice Age most certainly could have been triggered by variations in solar activity.

There’s been criticism for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) over its latest AR5 report from many quarters for many reasons. But today there’s new research focusing on one particular aspect of that criticism. The particular part of the … Continue reading

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