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Source of powerful cosmic ray signals found beyond our Milky Way

Astronomers for the first time have managed to hunt down the source of three high-energy ray signals being emitted beyond our Milky Way. The hope is that this discovery might help us better understand the mysterious origins of deadly cosmic … Continue reading

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Another bias in temperature measurements discovered

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Map of SNOTEL-stations in the Western United States From the “temperature bias only goes one way department” and the University of Montana: Mountain system artificially inflates temperature increases at higher elevations MISSOULA – In…

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Snow in Palermo, Sicily

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[on Jan 1, 2015] “In Rome, arctic-inspired winds brought temperatures as low as minus eight degrees Celsius,” says this video by David DuByne. “Palermo woke up under a white blanket,”Dozens of cars are…

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Questions: What we do not know about the climate?

Citizen Scientist Willis Eschenbach is a prolific poster on climate issues at Watts Up With That. In a New Years post of reflection on where we are in climate science and where we need to go, Willis has posted a … Continue reading

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