Life with out energy is short and brutal

Russ Steele

I have been reading Brian Fagan’s Little Ice Age: How Climate Made History. My first post is HERE.

Paul Homewood has also been reading Fagan’s book and has drafted series of essays on his blog “Not a lot of people know that” about how difficult life was during the Little Ice Age.

I encourage readers to review these essays. Life was brutal and short during the Little Ice Age. While we have many modern devices to help us cope with the kind of climate that was present on earth during the Little Ice Age, we may soon discover that they do not work as well we planned and will have to struggle to survive.

Part I of Paul Homewood’s essay starts with a review of  Brian Fagan’s book “The Little Ice Age.”  You can read Part I here.

It is widely accepted that the planet has warmed up by a degree or so since the end of the Little Ice Age about 150 years ago. We are regularly told that this increase in temperature has already  caused  widespread damage to the global environment, from dead polar bears and rising sea levels to extreme weather and famine. The implication is clear – the world was a much better place 200 years ago. But what was it like back then? Were conditions then really better than now?

You can read Part II  HERE.

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