On the Cusp: Brits Record Wet and Cold

Russ Steele

Set to be the fourth wettest summer since records began in 1727.

“Heating back on as record cold night ends wettest summer,” reads the headline in the Telegraph.

“The second wettest(summer)  in the UK since records began – and the wettest summer in 100 years,” says BBC news.

On same day Met Office reveals it’s been the wettest summer ever, temperatures plunged to almost record summer lows overnight, while other areas did reach record lows.

Bradford for example dropped to 2.8C last night, its lowest August temperature since 1908

Braemar is Scotland was the coldest, dropping to 28.22 F (-2.1C), followed by Aviemore near Loch Ness on -1.8C and -0.7C in north-east England.

There has only been one August night colder, August 21 1973, when Lagganlia in the Highlands suffered -4.5C

The Highlands, Aberdeenshire and Northumberland saw frost while most parts of the UK were close to freezing as most Britons shivered in their beds.

The wettest in a century

Data released by MeteoGroup showed that 14.25 inches (362mm) of rain fell in June, July and August so far, outstripping the previous worst period in 1912.

MeteoGroup forecaster Nick Prebble said this summer is set to be the fourth wettest since records began in 1727.

June 2012 was the wettest since 1860, had the least sunshine since 1909 and was the coldest since 1991.

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