Early Freeze Economic Impact on North Dakota.

Russ Steele

The freezing temperatures recorded last week have put an end to the corn-growing season in most of North Dakota.

 “Though we typically think that corn can tolerate some subfreezing temperatures, we can see by looking at this year’s crop that corn can be killed when temperatures are at or even approaching 32 degrees,” says Joel Ransom, North Dakota State University Extension Service agronomist for cereal crops. “Leaves that were damaged by this frost are no longer green and are crisp and dried.

Stalks that were killed also are devoid of any green color.”

Ransom calculates that the losses to corn growers caused by this frost could exceed $180 million.

 More details HERE.


Early Freeze in Minnesota by 15 days.

Russ Steele

KSAX News in Long Prairie Minnesota has the details on the early regional freeze.

Farmers throughout Greater Minnesota prepared Wednesday for an overnight frost that could severely damage crops in a growing season that’s already been shortened by a late start. 

A normal frost isn’t seen until late Sept., but a freeze warning for several counties in the area could mean more work and less pay for crop farmers.

 Willmar Minnesota is just sixty miles from Long Prairie Minnesota. The first recorded fall freeze in Willmar is 1 October. It appears this could be a new early freeze record in the region by almost 15 days.  Stay tuned.