CLIMATEGATE: Untangling Myth and Reality Ten Years Later

Ross McKitrick and Steve McIntyre have written up reflections on Climategate 10 years later, focusing on the myths promulgated by the climate academic community. It was McKitrick and McIntyre that exposed Michael Mann climate change “Hockey Stick” as bad science, if not outright fraud. You can take a look at those reflections HERE.

Steven McIntyre Tweets: Climategate contains important lessons on how institutions evade responsibility through sly and carefully restrictive terms of reference, unrepresentative inquiry teams, and wrongheaded findings – relevant caveats in the week before Horowitz



One thought on “CLIMATEGATE: Untangling Myth and Reality Ten Years Later

  1. tom0mason December 9, 2019 / 11:22 am

    Ross McKitrick and Steve McIntyre are true heroes!
    While the vast majority of the consensus science community fearfully sat and said nothing against Michael Mann’s utter rubbish, these two took it on, and through careful and thorough analysis revealed the depth of scientific corruption Mann was foisting on them and the world.

    The consensus science community was willingly duped by M. Mann et al. The uncritical consensus within the science community do not have the courage to challenge loud mouths like M. Mann, or climate modelers, or hyperbolic MSM reports when they get the science so wrong. They are and always will be an embarrassment to scientific process.

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