What if there is no Climate Emergency ?

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What if there is no Catastrophic Risk from Man-made Global Warming ?

What if Man-made Climate Change really is a non-problem ?

But what if there is a Global Cooling Catastrophe in the offing ?


via What if there is no Climate Emergency ?


4 thoughts on “What if there is no Climate Emergency ?

  1. Mark Hotz October 10, 2019 / 6:30 am

    I would be FAR more worried about any global cooling than any global warming. Most people would realize this if they were to ever read their history too. Virtually all of the hardship, famines, disease, major wars, mass migration and general collapse of civilization and empires has been the result of a cooling planet….where agriculture can no longer sustain the populations that rely on that for survival. We’re seeing this happen now.

    This might also explain the urgency that is conveyed with global warming and that moronic carbon-tax too…those who are perpetrating this myth know full well that the planet isn’t warming. What the alarmists need now is a global carbon-tax to then be able to prove that this will help to cool the planet, when in fact it is already cooling. Shame on them.

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