Grand Solar Minimum at work – Colorado snowpack more than eight times normal in places

And still rising !!!

After a historically snowy spring, Colorado’s snowpack currently stands at 473% of normal (almost 5 times normal), with highs peaking at 846% (more than 8 times normal!) in the San Juan Mountains, according to the Natural Resources Conservation Service.

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Gee and we thought the Sierra at 200% was special.  The melt, which is a month late should fill Boulder Dam.

3 thoughts on “Grand Solar Minimum at work – Colorado snowpack more than eight times normal in places

  1. Pieter van Leeuwen (@pedro_deleon54) June 7, 2019 / 9:32 am

    Please be aware of the potential distortions on the “eight times” number. At some point in June, the average snowpack gets to zero. But this year, the snowpack will stick around longer. So after that date, this year’s snowpack will be INFINITELY larger than the average. Even if its only one inch left. That said, there will be major flooding risks this year. Although Zonies and Vegazans are breathing a sigh of relief as perhaps Powell will begin heading back up from near catastrophic levels for the SW.

    • Russ Steele June 8, 2019 / 3:57 pm

      Thanks for the warning on the “eight times”

      Lake Powell reached its lowest level for 2019 around the 13th of April at with an elevation of 3568.71 feet. As of the 6th of June, it is at 3588.29, filling at about 34,769 CFS At the Dam, the lake is 456.29 feet deep.

      The 28 tracked reservoirs above Lake Powell are currently at 80.78% of capacity.

      Inflows for Water Year (WY) 2019 are 133.77% of WY 2018

      Rivers feeding Lake Powell are running at 128.92% of the Jun 8th avg.

      More details here –

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