Seven Year Solar Low


SUNSPOT COUNTS REACH 7-YEAR LOW: The face of the sun has been blank (no sunspots) for 13 consecutive days. The last time this happened was April of 2010, near the end of a deep Solar Minimum. The current stretch of blank suns heralds a new Solar Minimum expected to arrive in 2019-2020. has the details.



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2 Responses to Seven Year Solar Low

  1. Russ Steele says:

    Meteorologist Paul Dorian at Vencore Weather has an update here:

    Take note of the graphic showing the decline in spots starting about 1980 to present. The last three solar cycles have been lower than the previous one. This would indicate Cycle 25 will be lower than Cycle 24.

  2. Gabriel says:

    According to Geoff Sharp (@Grand_Minimum ,‏) SC24 is already at solar minimum conditions. Compared to SC5, it shows lower solar activity.

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