Solar Cycle 24 Update for February 2015

The sun has an impact, the question is what is the real impact of sunspots. Some information for your own evaluation.

Watts Up With That?

Solar cycle 24 contines to be lower than the vast majority of predictions that came out during the waning years of solar cycle 23. David Archibald gives an update on the current progress of solar cycle 24, showing that it remains quite low, and under-performs almost all of the “official”predictions based on models and other forecasting tools, some of which claimed as late as 2006 that cycle 24 would be 30-50% stronger that cycle 23. So far, solar Cycle 24 has been most like Solar Cycles 10 to 15 which started in 1855 and ended in 1923. It is noteworthy that solar cycle 10 produced the famed Carrington event, which if it occurred today, would likely wreak havoc with our sensitive electric grid and electronics.

Guest essay by David Archibald.


Figure 1: Sunspot Number

Source: SILSO data/image, Royal Observatory of Belgium, Brussels

Solar Cycle 24 has been…

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2 thoughts on “Solar Cycle 24 Update for February 2015

  1. Anthony j. Mengotto February 18, 2015 / 6:49 pm

    Russ, I have read the whole post on WUWT. Not any part of the post does it mention anything about the World Oceans. The earth is 70% water, 30% landmass. When these oceans start cooling, and the Northern Atlantic Ocean already has started cooling, shown here > Note: Just about all of the ocean temps in the Northern Atlantic are below the average for the month of February. The dip in temperatures will be more extreme. It took years for the oceans to warm, it will take years for oceans to cool.

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