Another bias in temperature measurements discovered

Watts Up With That?

SNOTEL-stations Map of SNOTEL-stations in the Western United States

From the “temperature bias only goes one way department” and the University of Montana:

Mountain system artificially inflates temperature increases at higher elevations

MISSOULA – In a recent study, University of Montana and Montana Climate Office researcher Jared Oyler found that while the western U.S. has warmed, recently observed warming in the mountains of the western U.S. likely is not as large as previously supposed.

His results, published Jan. 9 in the journal Geophysical Research Letters, show that sensor changes have significantly biased temperature observations from the Snowpack Telemetry (SNOTEL) station network.

More than 700 SNOTEL sites monitor temperature and snowpack across the mountainous western U.S. SNOTEL provides critical data for water supply forecasts. Researchers often use SNOTEL data to study mountain climate trends and impacts to mountain hydrology and ecology.

Oyler and his co-authors applied statistical techniques to account…

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3 thoughts on “Another bias in temperature measurements discovered

  1. tom0mason January 21, 2015 / 4:27 am

    Why am I not surprised?
    The true believers can only distort the truth in order that it fits with their sacred text.
    And maybe it’s because with all the social and political pressure to conform, to the one and only belief of CO2 mediated ‘climate change’, assures me that it will ultimately be as useful as phlogiston theory is now.

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