Skeptics Being Skeptical of Skeptics Discover Government Zombie Weather Stations

It may have been cooling when the computer said warming. Stay tuned, this is going to be interesting. This is cross posted from

Sierra Foothill Commentary

One Skeptic said that Government was altering 40% of climate data records.

Last week, the mainstream media was abuzz with claims by skeptical blogger Steve Goddard that NOAA and NASA have dramatically altered the US temperature record.

Other Skeptics said the first Skeptic was wrong. But on farther investigation it was discovered that there was a major bug in the US Historical Climate Change Network data base used to calculate the historical temperature changes in the US. The computer programs were continuing to calculate temperatures for station that were closed, using nearby stations that were compromised by siting issues to calculate a zombie temperature.  In some cases the program was substituting calculated data, when the real data was available in the station record.

Anthony Watts has the full story HERE, demonstrating that the scientific method works when confirmation bias is constrained.

What is going on is that the USHCN…

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