Dial M for Maunder

I have been writing about cooling since 2006, when I wrote a short paper on cooling cycles. Details HERE.  See the discussion below. We are in the Next Grand Minimum camp as the sun spots decline.

Watts Up With That?

maunder-sunspot-activityGuest essay by David Archibald

The Maunder Minimum was not completely devoid of sunspots, as shown by the following graphic using data from SIDC. Will global warming be attenuated due to our current low solar activity?

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One thought on “Dial M for Maunder

  1. William Paul Huelsman June 3, 2014 / 5:55 pm

    Ive been curious about during the dropping temperatures and the reforming of the ice caps… ive been seeing on internet and you tube you can even google it… another city complex has been found under 600ft + of ocean its layout is almost identical to the Egyptian giza pyramid complex… im wondering how long ago if can be calculated the oceans rise and back count the years to a drop of 600ft in sea level it seems alot of archeologists are searching at this depth everywhere in the oceans for long lost civilizations… im sure you can calculate how long a iceage lasts and global warming commences… im trying to put a age on this city underneth these waters… By calculating ocean rising… it seems books are incorrect about the beginnings and the end of a exinction level event on the rise of humanity that its older than we supposed it seems history is best guess now days and I know no one likes to rewrite history it makes all the experts look like they didnt give a best effort in deducing on why they didnt account for these finds and a complete media blackout on the subject… plus google blocking it out google has made more discovers that it knows about now spends more time hiding these placewhen someone notices it…

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