Snowfall in South America

Watts Up With That?

By using the keywords nieve and neve (instead of snow) many interesting articles can be found on the Internet


Guest essay by Argiris Diamantis

Snowfall, like the present snowfall in South America, can be considered to be weather rather than to be climate. However there is a danger to this approach. Heavy snowfall can disrupt normal daily life and cause lots of victims. Unusual and  heavy snowfall are certainly items of the news. But the Main Stream Media (MSM) are warm bias, they report almost every heat wave, and pay little or no attention to what many call “cold snaps”. In this way people reading the big newspapers and watching the television news get a distorted view of the world.

They are inclined to believe that global warming is happening because this message is repeated over and over again in the MSM. All news items about heat waves are considered…

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