The US Corn Belt and the summer chill

It is all about the length of the growing season. Annual trends of shorter growing season, is a clear indicator we are on the cusp of the Next Grand Minimum. Stay tuned for the frost reports on northern edge of the corn belt.

Watts Up With That?

Guest essay by David Archibald

A correspondent in the Corn Belt emailed on 10th August:

“Here in north central Illinois at exit 56 on I-80, most of the corn was planted by May 15.

The GDD totals since May 15 at Moline, Illinois.

  • May 15-31      + 1.7 GDD >normal.
  • June 1-30     – 32.7 GDD < normal.
  • July 1-31      – 94.5 GDD < normal.
  • August 1-9    – 33.9 GDD < normal.

Total since May 15 = 1695.0 GDD = -159.4 < normal, or about 8 normal days in early September. Corn that has a 2,500 GDD rating needs about 40 days yet. Most of the corn planted in NC Illinois is in the 2,450 GDD to 2,700 GDD maturity area.

The area of greatest risk is in IA north of Route 30, MN, WI and the Dakotas.”

The corn market doesn’t see a problem with corn prices off 30%-odd from…

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One thought on “The US Corn Belt and the summer chill

  1. gjrebane August 14, 2013 / 7:27 pm

    The only response of the econuts and true believers to reports like these is crickets and more crickets. Their silence on matters of substance is deafening.

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