Record Cold in Interior Alaska – heading into the USA, agriculture at risk

This is just weather, but troubling weather as the growing season is being shortened, which will impact corn, soy bean, and grain prices, which will be reflected in food prices.

Watts Up With That?

reader “agimarc” writes: As with the Lower 48 states, spring is late and cold here in central Alaska. Fairbanks reported a record low of 2 degrees F above zero Sunday, breaking the previous record of 8 from 1924.

Here in Anchorage, looks like we are around 3 – 4 weeks late with ice of local lakes and snow off the ground. Winter was not particularly hard, but it all changed with a very cold April. And at this point it does not appear things will be warming up soon. So much for manmade global warming due to carbon dioxide emissions.usak_yestlows_i5_points[1]

Story here:

Yes, have a look at the image at right.

Here is a complete list of record lows for Alaska in the past 7 days, 996 new record lows were set (click low temp and details tab):,mintemp,snow,lowmax,highmin,

And the cold is now creeping into the USA, look…

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