Has the Cold Already Arrived?

Here are some records to consider:
Cold Wave hits China, coldest in 30 years.
An internet search on “China Bitter Cold 2013” will bring up more of the same, indicating this was not just a one-time episode.
Moscow Cold, Snow, 50 year records broken.
An internet search on “Moscow cold snow records broken 2013” or “Russia…” will show more of the same.  Here’s a few reports from April 2013:
Alaska longest snow season on record, breaking a 30 year past record.
Europe also hit by record cold, snows:
Darkest Winter (lack of sun due to incessant clouds, snow, rain) for Germany in 43 years.
Very nice blue-glowing clouds picture at this website, reproduced above.
Ooops we must correct that, it is the Darkest Winter ever recorded for Germany:
OK, having said all that, it is true that “weather is not climate”, even though climate is produced by the averaged aggregate of measured weather data.  So what are the averages saying?
Finally the more scientifically inclined members of the “warming” community are admitting that something is not correct with their theories.  As documented here:
Has Global Warming Come to a Halt?
Note the trends on this website:  From 1950 to 1975 approx., no basic change in global temps.  From 1980 to 1998, a warming trend.  Then from 1998 to today, global temperatures have leveled off.    Note the graph of El-Nino/La-Niña events, and how the peaks give rise to global changes.  Likewise the small volcanic symbols, indicating sun-blocking dusts in the upper atmosphere.  This particular website takes the “warmist” view, so even this begrudging admission is remarkable.  Some of the weblinks on this page are rather outrageous in unscientific claim-making, rather like cheer-leaders for a football team, as if scientific conclusions needed cheer-leading to “win” — of course this is cheerleading for Billions in grant money, for “their side”.  Whatever happened to old-fashioned scientific investigation, and allowing the truth to fall where it may?
Here’s more, the British met office being a bit more reliable than the American NOAA or the cherry-picked “consensus” community of “scientists” whomever that is supposed to be.  The last time the IPCC made such surveys, they included all kinds of leftist political hacks and “activists” from neo-Marxist environmental groups. “Climate Deniers” were of course excluded from such surveys.
Global Warming stopped 16 years ago, Met Office.
16 years ago was what?  1997-1998  The worst El Nino on record, highest global temps from that, but not from CO2 emissions.
Even the die-hard Leftist BBC finally admits, sort of, that well, maybe, POSSIBLY, their theory on warming isn’t panning out as it should:

Yes, this is just weather! However, climate change starts with extended weather trends.

H/T to OBRL Blog


3 thoughts on “Has the Cold Already Arrived?

  1. gjrebane May 26, 2013 / 2:53 pm

    Would the White House allow you to post this information on its blog?

  2. Russell Steele May 27, 2013 / 7:15 am

    “Snow fell at both Syracuse and Binghamton, NY – the latest in the year both of those cities have ever had snow,” says Bill Steffens, cheif meteorologist with WOOD8 TV. “As I write this at 11:15 pm, Mt. Washington NH has a temperature of 23.1 and a NNW wind at 83.5 mph!”

  3. Bruce B May 27, 2013 / 4:21 pm

    When the time between the Spring “Last Frost Date” and the Fall “First Frost Date” are close enough, the world will starve.

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