The Sun and Medieval Warm Period in Tibet

The No Tricks Zone has an interesting post debunking Michael Mann’s Hockey Stick, but for the readers of this blog it maybe the connection the Sun played in the warming of the Tibetan Plateau reported in the paper.

You can read the Medieval warmth at the northern Tibetan Plateau casts doubt on Michael Mann’s temperature map  By Dr. Sebastian Lüning HERE, but let us focus on what the Chinese team discovered about the Sun.

A Chinese team of scientists led by He YuXin of the University of Hong Kong, [used] . . .  sediment cores extracted from two different lakes and using the so-called alkenone method, the Chinese scientists reconstructed the temperature development over the past 2000 years for the northern Tibetan Plateau. . . .

From the Abstract:  “Further, our temperature reconstructions, within age uncertainty, can be well correlated with solar irradiance changes, suggesting a possible link between solar forcing and natural climate variability, at least on the northern Tibetan Plateau.”

The surprisingly good synchronicity between sun and climate in the region of study is clearly visible from the study’s chart:


Figure 2: Good agreement between the temperature development at the northern Tibetan Plateau (lower curve) and solar activity over the past 2500 years. From YuXin et al, 2013.

If the sun can warm, it can cool as well. Note the cooling that followed the warming, including the Maunder and Dalton Minimums.

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