Cold Puts Spring Planting On Hold in Canada

IceAge Now Has this story and some data on the broken records:

Residents are calling it ‘Springter,’ a mix of spring weather and stubborn winter conditions in what seems to be like a never ending winter.

On Monday, temperatures in Saskatoon plunged to minus 15.4C, breaking the previous record of minus 15.0C set in 1893.

Edmonton also dropped to -15.4C, breaking the previous record of minus 13.4C set in 2002.

The bitterly cold air over central Saskatchewan resulted in several low temperature records, including Regina and Assinibola, which both broke records set in 1948. Meanwhile, Kindersley broke a record set in 1942.

Putting a hold on spring planting

“I’m ready to get on with spring and do my spring planting, so this colder weather is putting a hold on everything,” said one Calgarian.

“In some places, daytime highs will remain far below seasonal,” says Brian Dillon, a meteorologist at The Weather Network.

In one year late spring planting can be a small set back, but if spring planting is delayed year after year then we have a serious problem, and a strong indicator we are on the way to the next grand minimum.

One thought on “Cold Puts Spring Planting On Hold in Canada

  1. David April 9, 2013 / 9:01 pm

    No problem Canada is only the number six wheat producer in the world. I am sure Northern Europe will pick up the slack. Sarc

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