The new Mini Ice Age is upon us!

“MIA fingerprint now overwhelming” – astrophysicist [Piers Corbyn]

“March 10th 1947** was the day of the thaw ending the late snowy cold winter of 1947 in Britain & Europe and there was a giant sunspot group at the centre of the solar disc. This year, three magnetic (22yr) solar cycles later, solar activity has been generally very low and this day marked deep cold” – heralding more snow, on 12th , when snow-blizzards hit S/E England (Pic Folkstone) as WeatherAction forecasted in detail 25days ahead (see map).

“This is further evidence of the inevitable plunge – from now – into the new Mini-Ice Age we warned of some years ago”, said Piers Corbyn, astrophysicist of, March 10th.

“The CO2 story is over. It has been pointing the world in the wrong direction for too long. The serious implications of the developing MIA to agriculture and the world economy through the next 25 to 35 years must be addressed.”

● The CO2 story is over

● World cooling is now ‘locked-in’

● Average solar activity way down

● Jet stream often way south

● Jet Stream develops wild waves giving very extreme weather events – hail, thunder, floods etc

Link to full document:


3 thoughts on “The new Mini Ice Age is upon us!

  1. Anthony j. Mengotto March 18, 2013 / 1:53 pm

    Russ, With the jet stream going farther to the south,this winter of 2012-2013 we have seen it snow in states that normally do not get snow every year. Such as Arizona, Florida, New Mexico and, Texas. This is all has happened this winter during a solar maximum. When the sun’s output is at the greatest!! The next winter 2013-2014 as the sun start’s the pluge down to solar minimum the whole planet will see record cold in both northern and southern hemisphere. The only thing keeping the pluge from being too severe, will be the ocean waters. But thats only for the first 5 years. Since the earth has 70% water and 30% land. After that, the drop in temperatures will be a more sharper decline once the oceans cool below there average temp’s. We have now gone from the cusp to the beginning of the new little ice age. Thank’s to you Russ, and many other people like Daivd Archibald, and I could name all of them, but would take up too much room as there are hunderds of scientist, solar physicist, and meteorologist that are now all agreeing that the sun controls the climate on earth, not co2. Anthony

  2. Kattaren (@Kattaren) March 18, 2013 / 6:17 pm

    Corbyn may not be the most trust-worthy on bold comments, but he’s often — well, that’s often — right — and I do think he’s more or less right here.
    One consequence from, say, 30 or 70 years of low temperature anomalies must be lower food production, in agriculture. How much lower in Europe and in US? A drop with 10%? 30%? I guess the drop will be larger in northern countries. Will Africa, if it has peace and more market economy, compensate for (and benefit from) losses here?
    Another problem may be if more oil is needed from Arab states. That combined with a finance crisis may give Arab states a better position visavi Europe in different negotiations? They are not democratic, and more radical Islamism is a threat.
    If Henrik Svensmark and others in this field are proven to be right (Svensmark is that), I think that hundred, or thousands of AGW-tsars will anyway say they know what happens, namely “climate disruption”. Media in my country is basically left (3 out of for ournalists in the radical left or the green party, so they will keep the discourse intact. I would like to see science end its political agenda! (Btw, off-topic, I fear European fascism. Maybe the climate of non-free spirits/thoughts has created a culture of solving problems in a totalitarian way? Am I too dystopic? I hope so, but politics in Europe, mostly economics (in a few countries also immigration) is like digging Europe’s grave. :/ Oh, but after rain comes sunshine.)

    PS. Btw, I read an interesting document of a few pages, with facts on Dalton Minimum a few years ago. I think you delivered that. Do you know what I mean? Is there a link?
    Btw “2”: In Sweden we now have almost record low temperatures. This month we may have all-time record low temperatures nationally. It may change in this spring and summer (I’m no Corbyn), but shifts in climate use to be dramatic, due t e.g. Singer and Avery in their excellent book. So Nothing would surprise me.

  3. tony April 26, 2013 / 3:37 am

    …almost the entire equatorial region is blighted by corruption in high places causing poverty, there will be no compunction whatsoever by the Democracies when we turn it into the Worlds foodbowl.

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