I have looked at the data for multiple sites in the Sierra and there is very little danger of not having winter snows. Yes some years more than others, but in the long term there has not been a significant trend according to Dr Christ in his 100 year analysis.

Real Science

As the World Warms, the Future of Skiing Looks Bleak

By 2050, Sierra Nevada winter snowpack may have decreased by as much as 70 percent from average levels of today; in the Rockies, the elevation of full winter snow cover may increase from 7,300 feet today to 10,300 feet by the year 2100; in Aspen, the ski season could retreat at both ends by a total of almost two months; and throughout the Western United States, average snow depths could decline by anywhere between 25 and—yep—100 percent.

These, of course, are just visions of wintertime future produced by climatologists and their computers

As the World Warms, the Future of Skiing Looks Bleak | Off the Road

Had these geniuses bothered to look at actual data, they would know that winter snow extent is increasing

ScreenHunter_152 Dec. 12 11.14

Rutgers University Climate Lab :: Global Snow Lab

One might also remember that Texas had their snowiest winter…

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