The Sierra snow pack is influenced by the phase of the PDO and the current El Nino or La Nina condition. That means it is highly variable as the chart shows. We are now in a cool phase PDO with a neutral position on the El Nino or La Nina condition. It should be an interesting winter in the Sierra.

Musings from the Chiefio

Ran into this rather interesting record of snow in California. Runs from 1879 to 2011. What makes it interesting? There’s a wide range to it. There is some evidence for a bit of a cycle, but there is no long term trend I can see. (You can click on it for a much larger version that’s easier to read).

The original is from this page:

They have a nice set of record snowfall events, too. So when we get “extreme snow” in the next few years, we can point folks at the known records for comparison (also called ‘reality check’ 😉

What to make of it?

Well, first off, it’s pretty darned clear that CO2 isn’t doing much to California snow pack. The late 1890s / early 1920s ish area is a bit heavy, but before and after is light. (Look at the blue lines in 1925-35 and 1881…

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