Evidence of scientific fraud! Why do real scientist let this happen?

Grandfather David

It appears to be a fact that 1880, and many years after that, are getting colder by the year. Not only that but temperature means are getting warmer by the year for the later figures.

Take 1996 for example. That has warmed by .06°C in the last 7 years! The anomaly has gone from 25 (.25°C) to 31 (.31°C). It is scary to think that the temperature back in 2005 can still keep climbing even in 2012. Is this something to do with parallel universes perhaps?

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  1. Dena Wiltsie November 19, 2012 / 10:21 am

    You get what you pay for. In our case, the government pays well for anything that indicates the climate is warming so they get much that backs that argument.
    If you support the cooling argument, you work on you own time unless your research happens to have ties to the field of climate research. Therefore the “experts”, the ones payed for by the government dominate the argument. I fear it night be the other way around if government was paying for the cooling argument.
    The best solution is for the government to take a neutral view and let science work it out without funding being the determining factor.

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