Early Winter on Three Continents, China, UK and USA

Russ Steele

Sitting in my Northern California Sierra Foothills den we are waiting for some early snow from Brutus, as the Weather Channel has decided to call the cold storm sweeping out of the Gulf of Alaska into the  Northwestern US, including Northern California. We are not expecting record snows, but time will tell.

Ice Age Now has details on the Eastern US Storm, that followed quickly on hurricane Sandy.

Central Park reported 4.4 inches of snowfall yesterday, shattering the 1878 record of 0.1 inches. Not only setting a record for a Nov. 7, it was the earliest 4-inch snowfall total in the park’s history, NBCNewYork.com reported. By Thursday morning the total had reached 4.7 inches.

Snow storms are unusual at this time of year in the New York City area. In fact, it’s the first time in recorded history that snowfall has ever been recorded at Islip, N.Y., Kennedy and LaGuardia airports.

Bridgeport, Conn., saw 3.5 inches, almost doubling the former record of 2.0 inches set in 1953.

Newark, N.J. reported 2.0 inches; far surpassing the previous record of a trace amount in 1981.

Parts of southern New Jersey saw more than 9 inches, while 6.1 inches was recorded at Newark Airport, which canceled most flights in advance of the storm.

Nassau County’s Malverne recorded 6.5 inches, while Brooklyn’s Sheepshead Bay had 3 inches. Flushing in Queens saw 7 inches, the Bronx’s Riverdale had 4.4 inches, and 6.4 inches was recorded in Great Kills on Staten Island.

The Weather Channel forecast three inches of snow in Philadelphia, and six to 12 inches in southeastern New York and New England.

The NoTricksZone has more details on China and the UK:

Heavy snows . . . hit China, hitting Peking with full force, according to German online Bild daily, which writes:

Snow Alarm in China! The capital Peking has been paralyzed by a winterstorm. […] The situation is worse in the countryside regions of North China. In the Yanqing region 47 cm of snow fell in just a few hours, entire villages have been cut off, thousands are without power and heat. […] A group of Japanese tourists got caught in drifting snow while on the Great Wall; three women froze to death.”

Winter also paid an early visit last weekend in England, reports the Daily Mail, with snow falling in the South and West Country, including in Somerset, Dorset, Wiltshire and Devon. The Mail writes that “the snowfall was England’s fifth in nine days  amid an early winter”. and that “temperatures plunged to -5.6C last night at Aboyne, Aberdeenshire, with -4.3C Redesdale Camp, Northumberland, and -0.9C at Brize. The Weather Service says temperatures are up to 5°C below normal.

Remember this is just weather, but if early winter comes year after year, then we may start considering the possibility that we are on the cusp of the next grand minimum.

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