The Growing Season Comes to an End

Russ Steele

Joe Bastardi tweets:

Core of cold deep into the central plains ending growing season into areas where normal lows still in 50s.

And the cold slips down the east side of the Rocky Mountains.

Missoula, which tied the record for its longest dry spell ever on Monday, hit 22 degrees Friday morning, matching the record that was set back in 1981. By comparison, the normal temperature in Missoula for Oct. 5 is 35 degrees.

Other very cold temperatures across the state included a chilly 14 degrees at Olney north of Kalispell, matched by 14 degrees at St. Mary on the east side of Glacier National Park. Glacier International recorded 19 degrees, just two above the record low of 17.

Temperatures in the Big Hole also dropped into the teens, but the “freezer award” goes to West Yellowstone, where it was just 5 degrees at the park gate.

This is just weather, but if we see these changes year after year it become climate.


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