Please read the whole article, down the page is an update to the Penn and Livingston projection of when the sunspots disappear.

Watts Up With That?

The latest solar cycle update graphs have been released by the NOAA SWPC today, and the anemic cycle 24 continues:

The current count isn’t keeping up with the prediction line in red. Not only is the sunspot count low, so is the 10.7cm radio flux and the Ap magnetic index:

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  1. kirkmyers September 5, 2012 / 8:11 pm

    We are experiencing the weakest solar cycle (SC 24) in more than 100 years. Many solar scientists believe we may be headed for a period of cooling similar to what earth experienced during the Dalton Minimum. Australian scientist David Archibald expects SC 25 to be even weaker than SC 24, ushering in perhaps another little ice age and driving northern hemisphere grain belts 150 miles south. The result: reduced agricultural production and widespread famine.

    We should be worried about a colder climate, not the conjured up bogeyman called anthropogenic global warming (a.k.a. “climate change”).

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