The issue of vulcanism and cool are of interest to readers of this blog and to me. Cooling and vulcanism seem to go together, but it is not clear what the real connection is. I suspect that a quiet sun can create conditions for eruptions. Not sure the mechanism. As Willis point out most cooling comes before the eruptions.

Watts Up With That?

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach

Richard Muller and the good folks over at the Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature (BEST) project have released their temperature analysis back to 1750, and are making their usual unsupportable claims. I don’t mean his risible statements that the temperature changes are due to CO2 because the curves look alike—that joke has been widely discussed and discounted, even by anthropogenic global warming (AGW) supporters. Heck, even Michael Mann jumped on him for that one, saying

It seems, in the end–quite sadly–that this is all really about Richard Muller’s self-aggrandizement 😦

And if anyone should know about “self-aggrandizement”, it’s Michael Mann … but I’m not talking about Muller’s claim that humans caused the warming. No, I mean the following statement:

The historic temperature pattern we observe has abrupt dips that match the emissions of known explosive volcanic eruptions; the particulates from such events reflect sunlight and cool the…

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  1. Juergen Uhlemann July 31, 2012 / 11:54 am

    I did an unscientific check with the European Climate Assessment & Dataset project ( to check the April 2010 eruption of Eyjafjallajökull in Iceland (VEI=4). It drifted mainly south-east. The mean of the daily mean temperature of April,May-June 2010 looks visual a bit warmer than the one from June 2012. If the eruption caused a cooling, it was not a game changer. Also, could the ash cloud have an effect on the water vapor? I mean, could it slow down or eliminate cloud creation?
    The cooling what we have right now is caused by the jet stream and has more effect in June, which should be warmer than April in general. I wouldn’t call it cooling. It looks like as the constant cloud cover keeps the temperature quite the same over days. As soon the cloud cover is less the day temperature rises more and the night temperature drops more.

    According to GuI-QING ZHANG the solar earthquakes, and volcanic activity, tend to occur around solar cycle minima.
    I guess this makes it very difficult the differentiate between solar effect and volcano effect.

    Piers Corbyn makes prediction with this knowledge and he has a good hit rate earth quake/volcano and an even better one with the weather the the MetOffice

  2. Anthony j. Mengotto July 31, 2012 / 6:23 pm

    Russ, I got my answer as far as have we warmed up enough? Sunday, Anthony Watts completed his research and was posted on his website blog. If you want to compare temperature’s back in the late 1700’s to the mid 1800’s A METEOROGICAL ACCOUNT OF THE WEATHER IN PHILADELPHIA is the way to go. Dr. Charles Peirce, the way he recorded the weather back then was the correct way in the SHADE!!!! You will find that on page 128 july 1793 here>>> 1793 The medium temperature of this month was 81 and there was a great deal of excessively hot and dry weather All the rain that fell was during some violent thunder gusts The mercury was from 90 to 96 in the shade on ten days and from 84 to 89 on fifteen days Vegetation suffered very much for rain There was a great mortality among the flies. For your guest’s that view your website blog they can download it free at As for my wife,and I. We are preparing for this coming minimum. We will be living this during our senior year’s as we are now in our mid 40’s. As far as your children. Don’t worry about convincing them. As far as I know, once the temperature’s start braking old record’s of record low’s then alot of people are going to want answer’s. Everyone will know were cooling, winter’s will be colder, and ,longer. Only now that we have real temperature record’s, thank’s to Anthony Watt’s. I think the cooling will be more worse than the 1970’s. Because it take’s longer to warm then it does to cool. We cool faster, by the way, being that were talking about volcanoe’s here’s a link to katla’s live webcam in iceland. If that volcanoe erupt’s,cooling will be on the magnitude as when mt. tambora erupted back in 1815!!!! And my wife and I, live in N.J. Only about 2 mile’s away from the atlantic ocean. Yes, I have photo’s when the atlantic ocean looked like a lake back from october 2010 when they were talking about the atlantic conveyor belt possibly slowing down. I can tell you now, wave height’s look normal for now. I still will keep on eye on the current as it is very important to the climate if you would like to keep track of it here’s another link to the current thank’s russ,hope all is well. Anthony

    • Russ July 31, 2012 / 9:39 pm

      I ordered a copy of the A METEOROGICAL ACCOUNT OF THE WEATHER IN PHILADELPHIA and it has arrive, but have not found time to read it yet. I am thinking of a way to use it on the blog. Say, as a Daily Dalton Minimum Climate report. Stay Tuned.

      • Anthony j. Mengotto August 2, 2012 / 12:45 am

        Russ, that sounds good. It will give you, and everyone who visits your website a better idea as far as what happened back then. I think the temperature in philadelphia back in 1793 was pretty close to today’s temperature as he wrote the temperature was 90 -96 in the shade on ten days. Remember, there was no airports, no automobiles, no black top roads, no air conditioning, and no hot parking lots as heat sources. And there was alot more trees, and less co2 back then. All this has to be taken in mind as a fact. Just something to really think about, are we on that cusp more now, then we were back then??? Anthony

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