Weather Prediction to Address LIA Weather Patterns

Russ Steele

Piers Corbyn, Astrophysicist of said:

“After studying weather developments in the last two months we have introduced some modifications to our Solar Lunar Action Technique. SLAT7a – which was about improving selection of detailed look-backs using lunar factors more strongly – did superbly at predicting the exceptionally cold weather in the first three weeks of May but does not well see the VERY RAPID (“Little Ice Age” type) changes experienced and specifically missed the sudden warming of around 22nd. 

“Although our ‘at least 6 out of 8 weather periods basically correct’ in a month was met in May we want to improve on that and better handle the “approach to LIA weather types” REGIME the world is now in.

Solar Climate Change IS HERE AND NOW and is characterized by:

  • On the Sun a generally quieter and magnetically more confused state and slower solar wind.
  • Very large amplitude swings in the Jet stream (NH and SH) with the Jet stream average position shifted equator-wards.
  • General Cooling especially of temperate zones and simultaneous warm and cold (larger) regions marking different ‘ends’ of jet stream large amplitude wave effects.
  • Very rapid changes in weather particularly in temperate zones
  • Rapid changes in standard parameters – NAO, AO etc
  • Stark extremes including more giant hail and tornadic developments.
  • An increase in major earthquakes and volcanism
  • Serious limitations of the powers of standard meteorology even 1 or 2 days ahead at times. This was in evidence through most of April and May. These problems will largely continue for at least 25 years and no amount of tweeking standard models or increasing computer power even a thousand fold will overcome it. Standard Meteorology is past it’s peak.

H/T to Climate Realists for this information.

2 thoughts on “Weather Prediction to Address LIA Weather Patterns

  1. sean2829 May 31, 2012 / 10:01 am

    Piers Corbin is interesting and has made a few really good predictions for this last spring, particularly the cold May. But I wonder how much of the wild weather is the ocean state (cold PDO) and how much is solar. I remember alot of weather like this from the 70’s which would argue PDO but there seem to be a lot of strange things that happen evertime there is a solar event, particularly after a quite spell of solar activity. We live in interesting times.

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