One the Cusp: For 10 Year, Winters are Becoming Colder — GISS Data

Peppe Caridi writing at

After the issuance of the GISS global data for the winter quarter from December to February 2011-2012, from a first superficial analysis that catches the eye more than any other defect, is like the winters are getting colder in the last 10 years, even with a decline in average world temperatures by nearly two degrees Fahrenheit (-1.9 ° C to be exact!) in the last decade, with reference to the winter quarter. 

As we can see from the map, the area has cooled more than was Asian, but also Europe (especially central / western and northern Europe) and North America, especially in Alaska and the U.S. center / Western (as well as in central Canada / Western) have been affected by negative anomalies, while in some areas of Australia, the Arctic, and the Middle East, Africa, Central and South Atlantic, there were positive anomalies, however, less clear than those cold, especially in the great continent of Asia. 

Russ Comments:

It took about 30-50 years to go from the warmest point of the Medieval Warming Period to the beginning of the Little Ice Age. We could be about 10 years, with acceleration yet to come.


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