New Satellite Data Contradicts Carbon Dioxide Climate Theory (Updated)

Russ Steele

[Editors Note: The original link to this story has been updated. The story was pulled from Details on why this story was removed from the Internet can be found HERE.]

Conventional wisdom and dodgy climate change models have been turned upside down. CO2 warming is not going to offset  the cold and misery of the Next Grand Minimum. Details at johnosullivan

Industrialized nations emit far less carbon dioxide than the Third World, according to latest evidence from Japans Aerospace Exploration Agency JAXA.

Global warming alarmism is turned on its head and the supposed role of carbon dioxide in climate change may be wrong, if the latest evidence from Japans scientists is to be believed.

Japanese national broadcaster, NHK World, broke the astonishing story on their main Sunday evening news bulletin October 30, 2011. Television viewers learned that the countrys groundbreaking IBUKU satellite, launched in June 2009, appears to have scorched an indelible hole in conventional global warming theory.

Standing in front of a telling array of colorful graphs, sober-suited Yasuhiro Sasano, Director of Japans National Institute for Environmental Studies told viewers, “The [IBUKU satellite] map is to help us discover how much each region needs to reduce CO2 [carbon dioxide] emissions.

Industrialized Nations Worlds Lowest CO2 Polluters.

Indeed, the map at which JAXA spokesman Sasano was pointing see photo above had been expected by most experts to show that western nations are to blame for increases in atmospheric levels of carbon dioxide, causing global warming.

But to an officious looking TV interviewer Sasano turned greenhouse gas theory on its head.

According to UN science the greenhouse gas theory says more CO2 entering the atmosphere will warm the planet, while less CO2 is associated with cooling.Gesturing to an indelible deep green hue streaked across the United States and Europe viewers were told, “in the high latitudes of the Northern hemisphere emissions were less than absorption levels.”

More details HERE. The article concludes:

Thus, the unthinkable could be made real: the greenhouse gas theory of climate change may collapse in the face of empirical evidence that industrialization is shown to have no link to global warming.


2 thoughts on “New Satellite Data Contradicts Carbon Dioxide Climate Theory (Updated)

  1. Eric November 1, 2011 / 4:28 pm

    The link provided does not go to the article, only to the website. A search on that site using key words from the article turns up no matching articles. A search using ‘carbon dioxide’ turns up several articles, but not the one mentioned here. Any chance the site has removed the article?

    Russ Replies: Here is the new link: HERE is why the link is broken

  2. Eric November 2, 2011 / 3:45 pm

    Thanks Russ. I was afraid the article had been pulled, it did not seem to fit the general theme of the other articles on this topic that I found on that other site. Thanks for the updated info.

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