CIA Says Global-Warming Intelligence Is ‘Classified’

Russ Steele

Why are the results of a CIA’s Global-Warming study secret? Wired has this story:

Two years ago, the Central Intelligence Agency announced it was creating a center to analyze the geopolitical ramifications of “phenomena such as desertification, rising sea levels, population shifts and heightened competition for natural resources.”

But whatever work the Center on Climate Change and National Security has done remains secret.

In response to National Security Archive scholar Jeffrey Richelson’s Freedom of Information Act request, the CIA said all of its work is “classified.”

“We completed a thorough search for records responsive to your request and located material that we determined is currently and properly classified and must be denied in its entirety,”

What could be so classified, that is has to be a secert. Could it be the report says that there is no global warming, and that would be counter to the current policy of the Obama administration. I wonder if this is while it is still classified?

Here is some current satellite temperatures for your consideration from climate4you, first over 30 year and then for 10 years:

Ten Years, which shows a cooling trend:

I am sure that that the highly sophisticated folks at the CIA are aware of this cooling trend problem, but are being politically correct.

However,  there is another option, the CIA is totally aware of the consequences of long term cold, which will result in less food for millions and more conflict. In the past cooling has resulted in more regional conflict than warming according to the Wheeler Studies, which we have written about before HERE.

The CIA may feel they have to keep our future a secret to protect the current political leadership while leaveing us hanging. I recommend that citizens and familes prepare for long term future cooling. Here some resources that you might want to consider in preparing for your future.


One thought on “CIA Says Global-Warming Intelligence Is ‘Classified’

  1. Dave in L.A. October 1, 2011 / 10:44 pm

    it’s a pretty safe assumption that if internal CIA analysis were consistent with the administration’s public stance on CAGW then a) it likely wouldn’t have “proprietary” value worth protecting, and b) the overall conclusions would be made public to support the administration’s current case for multilateral climate action, spending on “green” energy, etc.
    I’m not a fan of the CIA or other intel services releasing information that compromises national interests. However this administration has politicized intel, the environment and much else, so silence in this case suggests that Agency findings are at odds with administration policy.

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