Is Your City Wasting Precious Resources On Climate Change?

Russ Steele

According to a story in at KQED Climate Watch there are not as many communities as some would like preparing for climate change. Change which some scientist say is caused by CO2 emissions. Others scientist say it is the sun in conjunction cosmic rays and clouds. However, the warmers at the puzzle palace in Sacramento, including the ring master Jerry Brown are in the warmers camp. “Climate denial propaganda is very powerful, but California is standing against it,” Brown said. “Part of my job is to advance the truth of science.”

“Speaking at the National Clean Energy Summit on Aug. 30 in Las Vegas, California Gov. Jerry Brown stated: ”Climate change will create floods, droughts, forest fires of greater intensity and regularity, and with far greater devastation.” He asserted that many of the people who once denied that tobacco was harmful are now well-financed “climate deniers.”

 This is stuff right out of Al Gore Play Book.  According to the KQED article:

Sea levels are rising, and in the Bay Area, planners are expecting an increase of nearly five feet by the end of the century.  According to climate models, temperatures across the state are likely to rise between three and seven degrees Fahrenheit by 2100, leading to increased heat waves and stressing the state’s water supply.

So, are we prepared?  Not really, according to a story today on the public radio program Marketplace.

Well, maybe the lack of action is due to fact many people recognize that regardless of the claims by the Governor and the other misinformed warmers, sea levels are not rising and any past rising was not due to CO2 emissions.

Temperatures across the state are not rising. There has been no statistically significant warming over the last 80 years.

This 5×5 degree gridded data is from the Hadley/Climatic Research Unit (CRU) CRUTEM3 database (IPCC uses CRU data), plotted at: []

And it is hard to convince people we are running our of water when the we have record snow pack the useful idiots in Sacramento are trying to tear done water storage dams across the state.  If we are preparing for droughts, why tear down the dams?

Why cities are not preparing for climate change?  They do not believe that it is real. Politicians say one thing, but do something else. Like tell us droughts are coming, but tear down dams.  Tell us the snow pack in declining, when we can see for our own eyes, it is not.

Houston, we have a credibility problem.


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