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Smallest Sunspot Cycle in 80 Years, and ENSO is Headed South

Russ Steele NASA’s David Hatherway has published his latest Sunspot Number Prediction: The current prediction for Sunspot Cycle 24 gives a smoothed sunspot number maximum of about 99 in February of 2013. We are currently about three years into Cycle … Continue reading

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Fuel Prices with Regression Lines Starting in 2012.

I have updated the fuel prices, shortened the data to 1 June 2010 and added a regression line to see the over all trends. Note the jump in gas prices in Sept 2012 that never went a way. I have … Continue reading

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Do Not Doubt that Mother Nature Controls our Climate

Russ Steele Robert Felix has a very interesting post at IceAgeNow. Methane fountains more than one-half-mile across erupt from Arctic Ocean While surveying off the coast of eastern Siberia, a Russian research vessel made a terrifying discovery – hundreds, probably … Continue reading

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The November AMO index goes negative, first time since 1996

Russ Steele At Watts Up With That,  Anthony Watts has a report from Joe D’Aleo who reports via email that the Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation AMO Index has gone negative for this past month, see the graph below: Source: This is the … Continue reading

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More Evidence (Again) It’s The Sun

Russ Steele The evidence that the sun is the major driver in climate change keeps growing. Here is an article by P Gosselin, at The NoTricks Blog. Roman climate driver. A reader brings our attention to a paper published by the … Continue reading

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“Amplitudes, Rates, Periodicities And Causes Of Temperature Variations In The Past 2485 Years And Future Trends Over The Central-Eastern Tibetan Plateau”

Russ Steele This is from a paper published in a China Science Bulletin: Abstract with my highlights: Amplitudes, rates, periodicities, causes and future trends of temperature variations based on tree rings for the past 2485 years on the central-eastern Tibetan Plateau … Continue reading

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Fuel Prices Updated

Check out the fuel nav button. I now have one year of fuel price gyrations. The  Charts are getting cluttered and I am going try to convert to a monthly chart of for the archives and start a new chart … Continue reading

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Frozen Britain by Meteorologists McCaskill and Hudson

Russ Steele James Gillespie reviews the latest book by the team of Ian McCaskill and Paul Hudson on the Climate Realist Blog.  WHEN Siberian conditions hit Britain this time last year everyone was caught out, including the weathermen.  Global warming, … Continue reading

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